Sunday, July 12, 2009

On Tour

Hi everyone,
I found the My Space Page of one of Colin's Band Members..
You can see what country he's in and what club/hotel/Civic Center etc. he's playing at as well. I also scarfed these pictures by googling his band members' names.

You can also hear Colin playing "Simple Diggs" on this web site... Colin told me not to listen too closely though.. He was sight reading the chord changes!!!


  1. This is pretty amazing, so far away and here we can see and listen to Colin and other musicians.

  2. Hetty, that is pretty awesome, isn't it!!!

  3. The song is actually called "Subtle Digs"

    I'm not sure how you managed to get both words wrong hahaha

    I might get some more recent recordings of us playing the same song which will be much better, I'll post them sometime soon hopefully

  4. That's really funny Colin... I was *thinking* "Subtle Diggs" -