Saturday, October 31, 2009

I took The Walk

Yesterday Hanson (Yes, MMMBop Hanson) came to New Orleans and hosted a walk for charity. Check out for all the details about their cause and what they're doing. They've so far managed to walk one and a half times around the world through the combined efforts of everyone who has gotten involved.

After walking a mile barefoot together, they performed two songs for us.

I didn't realize they were about to sing and I had just gotten to the table to fill out my card so that my mile would be counted and suddenly I'm right there, front and center, the only people between them and me were the people working the tables trying to organize everything. Needless to say it was an experience I'll never forget.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

More House of Shock

Here is B and me getting ready to go last night.

And this was me last night with one of the other actors. This guy's costume is awesome!

This last weekend was extreemly busy. While the final head count has yet to be announced, last night we had over 2,000 people come through before 10pm, and we weren't let out of the house until a little after 1am.
Also, I've lost six pounds from the work out I've been getting. Hurrah!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Here's another one

Last night was even better than opening night at House of Shock. I got a lot of good scares, and chased a few people into the next room. At one point a woman freaked out, grabbed me in a bear hug, and tried to rescue me from my demon captors. It was hillarious! Here's a picture of me and the demon who beats me up the most:

Help me!  Help me!

My latex upside-down cross wound pealed off in the last half hour of the show because it was so hot inside. Earlier in the night the fan had stopped working so everyone was even more covered in sweat than normal. The people throwing me around kept losing their grips on my arms which sent me flying into the crowd. Fortunately, by that point, the stage blood all over me had dried so I wasn't smearing it all over the patrons.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Opening Night at House of Shock

Last night was the opening night at the House of Shock horror show. It was two tons of fun, and the scene I'm in got some major updates. I'm in love! Here's a picture of myself and B getting ready. We needed to work the powder in a bit and add more blood, but it was a work in progress:

the Zombie and the Living Dead Girl