Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Look Who's 21

It looks like someone turned 21 six minutes ago our time!!!
Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!

We're wondering how you celebrated your birthday Colin...
Probably studying and practicing of course!!
Let us know!!


  1. A talented and beautiful young man congratulations and hopefully you had the best birthday ever!

  2. I see you did not escape your mothers embarrasing pictures for your birthday, either. Gotta get equal time with your sister I guess... can't wait for next years pix.

    Look at you jamming around the world, that must be the best! Happy Birthday!!


  3. Oh yeah feel free to drink all you want now too... completely free of legal entanglements. Congratulations!

  4. Hi Colin,
    Wishing you a great birthday one day late!!!!!!!!!

    Mrs. Brucie

  5. Thanks everyone! I actually started my birthday by sleeping on the hard floor of the Milan airport, and then travelling the whole day.

    However, I had a combined party with another girl who lives in my student house on friday; I brought all the best musicians in Groningen and had a great time, pretty much the entire music conservatory showed up :) I'll post some pictures soon!