Sunday, April 26, 2009

Appreciating the Colors of Spring

These shots are a continuation of our Friday walk. It was a perfect day to be outside. The bright sunshine and the colors of budding trees and spring flowers were almost intoxicating. I am remembering the sweltering hot days at the end of the school year with restless students who longed to be outdoors and again felt a rush of renewed freedom and appreciation for the beauty of the day! I again am hoping that my family and distant friends will appreciate the opportunity to glimpse the once familiar landmarks.

We still have quite a few trees that 
are only beginning to bud, 
so the leaves on theses branches were a welcome sight.

This building has an oriental look to it..
We still need more flowers...
We had to search a while to find these!

Imagine  That 
looks quite comfortable in its new home..
Don't you wish that
all buildings had faces??

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