Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Settlement House-(Post and Beam) - Fine Arts

I've had my first introduction to a Post and Beam House... Settlement House Fine Arts on Route 6 in the town of Sylvania. PA. Here you'll find lithographs by artist Connie Sickler as well as work by 50 other artisans. The building is a demonstration Post and Beam House which is her husband's business. I highly suggest stopping by for a visit!

This is one display that you'll find leading into her shop.

The ceilings are high and everything is very open.

The photo below shows how the beams fit together
in this type of construction.

The photo below shows the upstairs loft.
There are no walls separating 
this room from the downstairs.
This is still part of the upstairs loft.
Check out the back yard.
The pool here is found in her basement studio.
This shows another display at the entrance.

The forsythia is blooming
in their back yard,
on the bank above the pool.

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  1. A beautiful place!!! Take us there for a field trip when you have the urge to go back there.