Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Sunday Walk - Corning, NY

Come walk with me!
It's a cold sunny Sunday afternoon in early April.
I thought I'd post some familiar landmarks.
This was already deep in shadow.
I like the effect of the pattern created by the bricks
in black and white.
The sun was close to setting
and the shadows were long
but it was fun to capture some of the photos in this late afternoon light.
The bandstand looks pretty small here!
Again, I like some of the textures.
Centerway Square was getting pretty dark with shadows,
but I liked the way that the sun was reflecting off of the trees.
I'm going to have to come back for a better picture...
I never get tired of the buffalo charging out of the side of the Rockwell Museum.

I love how the town is nestled in the hills
and the street seems to disappear in the hillside so quickly.
It really is a quaint little street for a Sunday afternoon walk.

The Old World Cafe was illuminated by the setting sun.
Early morning and late evening sunshine really creates a beautiful effect.
Here's a shot of your old high school looking across the Chemung River.
This really is not a very attractive building, is it???
The river is more swollen than usual, creating an island.
Here you're looking at the back of some Market Street buildings .
This tree is just beginning to bud.
I've always loved the shape and color of this building.
Here's looking towards the footbridge across the Chemung.
I thought both of you kids would enjoy seeing some of your old haunting grounds.
I also thought that friend Dennis in faraway Kuwait might enjoy seeing
what spring in the area looks like here right now as well.

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