Sunday, February 15, 2009

Adopt a Soldier

Something I just did that maybe some of you might want to do as well is to adopt a soldier. When you register through the web-site you are given the name and address of a soldier who is deployed who doesn't have someone to write to them or to send them care-packages, and has signed up because they would like to receive mail.

I think it is an excellent program, regardless of your political views, as these men and women are risking their lives whether we ask them to or not and as individuals should receive support. is the website. I suggest you check it out and see for yourselves. I registered on Friday and I received my soldier today as last Friday there was a segment on them on the Today show so they have been completely inundated with requests for soldiers, and the whole thing is run by volunteers.

So, yeah, go check it out and see for yourselves.



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  2. Okay... Try AGAIN..
    That's very cool that you're doing this!! I'll consider this as well... Just don't want to start something that I don't keep up with.

  3. I watched the video at the website... nice!