Monday, February 2, 2009

Pseudo homo-erotic American tradition, I have evaded you!

I, for one, am proud to say that with the aid of msn and the internet I have watched all of the Superbowl commercials without having to actually watch the Superbowl.

I suppose being forced to sit through every home game in high school (as my colour-guard was the half-time show) lowered my tolerance for foot-ball from the ability to enjoy the occasional game to, "If the Saint's ain't playin', I don't care."

Or maybe that last bit is because I moved to New Orleans.

Regardless, I must say that I liked the one with the talking babies and the one with the three generations of Clydesdales the best. What about you guys?



  1. Hi there my southern belle! I DID watch the Superbowl but NOT ONE commercial...
    Maybe you should send me a link to the best ones!

  2. Gosh Lindsay - The more I think about it, not watching the Super Bowl is almost un-American...
    I hope the FBI isn't monitoring us now!