Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tulip Break

Everyone knows of course, that if you go to the Netherlands to college, you have to stop for a week and take a TULIP BREAK after you've been in school for a week and a half!! Right??
AND, wouldn't we expect Holland to look a little like this during Tulip Break????

Thanks to my friend Hetty, I'm learning that it probably looks a little more like the winter scene right now. The photo shows her brother-in-law who is 70 years young and took his skates and joined many others on the frozen lakes and canals.

Some of you are probably wondering why this snowbound upstate-New Yorker is posting pictures of the Netherlands while the Sax Player who is IN the Netherlands is not posting photos from there!!! GOOD QUESTION

It seems the sax player is off gallivanting to nearby Germany and to Dublin during this much needed tulip break, and if reports are accurate, is having too much fun at the moment to post to this blog.. (Possibly he's worn out his fingers on his saxophone to the point that it's difficult to type on a key board!)

Seriously Colin, glad you were able to travel and meet up with Luke this week!!! Hope you find some Irish Jazz Lovers that let you play while you're there!!!

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