Thursday, February 5, 2009


Check out some of the artists here and leave some comments about their music!

Colin, I know you're interested in some avant guard and free jazz... I'm wondering what you think of some of this? I'm wondering if you're exposed to more of this style of jazz while you're in the Netherlands. I'm interested in your reactions to these albums Colin. Anyone that stops by here though - feel free to listen and leave comments!

Songs Of The Fjords: Jazz From Norway as found on NPR
I'm starting to make up for lost time at NPR. I'm listening to some really interesting music from Norway. This NPR web page gives 5 different samples of Norwegian Jazz artists. This is typically not the type of jazz that I listen to, but I'm wondering if it could become an acquired taste!

I'm going to check out more of Mathias Eick, a 28 year old trumpet player(among other things). (Dad walked in while I was listening and called it "New Age" music) I was also listening to the music he played at the North Sea Jazz festival from UTUBE at his MY SPACE Page! I'm wondering if this is considered free jazz.

When I listened to the sample of Elise (Haker Kornstad & Ingebrigt Haker Flaten), I was glad that I listened to the entire composition, but I'm not sure how the vocal part sits with me. Will need to think about that one! (Check out also Kornstad's My SPACE)

I really liked the piano stuff on Atomic.

The North Sea Jazz Festival is in Mid-July. Maybe you'll get to see it Colin! (July 10, 11, 12, 2009)
There's just so much music to explore out there!!!

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