Saturday, February 21, 2009

In the beginning...

When my parents first got married, my dad worked on an oil lease. There were oil wells all over the neighborhood where I grew up. Later, my dad became quite a successful insurance man. I love this photo; mom and dad look so happy in it. WWII had just finished and they only knew each other a short time before my dad proposed.

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  1. They honeymooned in Toronto at the Royal York Hotel. When they returned home, their bed was full of rice. Someone (neighbors?? mom's brothers?) banged on the tin siding to the house and scared the **!!**!!!** out of them. When I was little, I remember the rain beating against that tin siding... definitely loud.. Of course after they lived there a while, my dad built additions onto the house, added nice siding, and built a 3 car garage with an office out back.