Friday, March 6, 2009

The Departure

It's rumored that the kid who is currently in Europe will post some pictures. Here is photo of him at the airport as he was ready to depart a month ago. I hear he's played a few gigs in in the Netherlands already as well.  I hope the sun shines there some day Colin.  I guess it's been pretty cold, cloudy and rainy.


  1. I cannot wait to see his pictures. How exciting that he has some gigs already and really getting to know the typical, miserable gray and bone chilling dutch weather. He might see some sunshine before he leaves again. (Ya, good luck!)

  2. We actually had sunshine today! At the first sign of nice weather 6 of us went outside and played basketball... that is... until it rained.

    It was the first nice day since I've been here but hopefully not the last.

  3. So it still rained after the sun came out!!! Can you carry an umbrella while you ride your bike?? :)