Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just Yesterday

Here we are... back in the day of the flower children and the hippies... also a time of Viet Nam War protests...Richard Nixon was president. Many kids were being drafted and some that were evading the draft went to Canada. The civil rights movement was well under way. We were in college in the early '70's.

So.. we were your age Colin... -Lindsay, you're now about 6 years older than I was here. It was a time when girls often wore dresses to high school school but bell bottoms were also in style. When I graduated and started teaching, it was the FIRST YEAR that women teachers ever wore slacks instead of dresses in our public school. (I'm trying to remember if we were allowed to wear pants to school in elementary or high school - I almost think we weren't!)

The dress in the photo was one that my mom made for me. She still made a lot of my dresses including formal wear. (I guess I told you before, that my Barbie had dresses to match all of my own dresses as I was growing up!)

This was taken at Glenn's house in Long Island... (Glenn is WILLINGLY wearing a sports jacket!!) Don't you love the sideburns, the moustache and hair.

I lived with my Grandfather Hanel and his wife Dorothy for my first 3 months of teaching. I remember warning him that Glenn would likely wear blue jeans when he came to visit me. My grandfather told me that people who wore blue jeans were communists! (What can you say to this type of mentality??)Everyone was afraid of Communists when we were kids!!! I knew people who had fall-out shelters to prepare for nuclear attack! I even remember elementary teachers lecturing about the danger of the Communists!!

I remember going to concerts for Blood Sweat and Tears, Jethro Tull, Bob Dylan... We also listened to the Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin, Cream, The Beatles, The Who...

Does anyone else remember these awful gym suits from High School??? (I don't know the people in this photo.) (This is an picture that I scarfed off an email that came around a few months ago.) We also had a milkman deliver our milk. (We played drop the clothespin in a (milk) bottle at birthday parties when I was a kid!
So anyway - that's my trip down memory lane for one day!!!! Anybody have any memories they'd like to share????


  1. Memories!!! Love them, share more.

  2. Thanks Hetty... Maybe you should start you own blog!! I'd love to hear about all the places you've lived and all the things you've done!

  3. Great pix Michele, you and Glen were looking 'groovy'. I'm sure you still are!

  4. Hey Chris...
    These are pretty funny aren't they!