Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Top of the Rock

I recently took a quiz on Facebook... It said that the ideal place for me to live would be New York City... I'm not sure I'd like to live there at this point in my life, but I certainly enjoy spending time there... Of course, if money were no object, I could probably make myself feel quite at home there!!!
Earlier this fall I was lucky enough to go to the top of NBC building (Rockerfeller Center -hence, top of the Rock)
 with Colin when we saw
Keith Jarrett at Carnegie Hall.
Here is a small sample of the photos I took that beautiful sunny day.
I wasn't prepared for how just how breath-taking 
the view would actually be...
I like how the clouds are gathered around the 
Empire State Building for this shot.

Central Park is hidden in the shadows.

Here you can see the Hudson River 
and the George Washington Bridge is in the distance.

Here's another view of the  Hudson and the George Washington Bridge.

You can see the Circle Line
 and the Statue of Liberty
 in the background
if you look closely.

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