Sunday, March 29, 2009


Almost Happy Birthday as I write this.
Happy Birthday by the time you read this!!

Always our angel!!

So tired...

Bonding with the Granny Doll
made by Grandma DeRemer

Wondering what you'd look like
when all those curls grew out!!!

An early trip to Woodloch.

Always an avid reader!!!

Clip clop the Wonder Horse!

Great Grandmother Crandall was so proud of you.

Happy 2nd Birthday

Grandma would be wishing you a happy birthday
if she could.
The daffodils laced the bank of the creek in back our house
when I was very little also.
I'd go to that very same spot and pick them.
A very special hand-made doll house.

Happy 3rd Birthday!

4 Generations together.

Your first boy friend!!!

Grandma made this angel food cake for you!
She always made me angel food cakes for my birthday too.

Grandma Gordon is the same age in this picture
as I am now!!!

A special visit to nursery school.
Performing at a very young age!!

Skipping to the age of about 9 or so!!

Missing you!

And here you're quite the young lady.

Hope you have a happy birthday Lindsay..
This is really a Happy Birthday a few hours early...
but want to make sure this is on the blog if you check it in the morning
before I wake up.
We had a few hundred other pictures that I wanted to put up...
This should do for now!!
We'll be thinking of you all day!!!


  1. Happy birthday Lindsay! It's your birthday here at least, I guess mom and dad still have another 3 minutes, and you still have another hour.

    I got to enjoy it before you did!

  2. Happy Birthday Lindsay, hope you have been well down in "Nawlins". You are a good sport to tolerate your mom posting all these embarrasing baby pictures, but I enjoyed them all!