Sunday, March 1, 2009

News Will Never be the Same!

Thanks to a new website I've come across, I'm now starting to look at newspapers from around the world. I just checked out one article from an English paper entitled, "Will Barack Obama end Britains special relationship with America.

I discovered it by reading a blog called Ships Log. It directed readers to a site called "Newseum," where among other things, you can look at Newspaper front pages from around the world.
From there you can read articles... While you're there, you can either hit a city on a map and see its paper, OR hit list and do various sorting using words to get to the country of your choice.

Totally Amazing!!! There's so much to learn!!!!!
I just went back to the same UK Newspaper... Look at the owl photo I found there.
This orphaned baby barn owl is snuggling up to a stuffed animal for comfort.

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