Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Smederij Jazz Groningen, NL

Colin has a gig at Smederij in Groningen tonight...
I just found the place on line.
Looks like he's playing with Nico Finke's Bad Surprise Septett. After their gig there'll be a jam session.

Of course the speaker hooked up to my computer is suddenly dead so I can't check out some of the video that's posted there.
That's par for the course.
Over the last week, our furnace quit and our sky light's leaking... Need a new roof...
New sax for Colin
Looks like we're doing our part to stimulate the economy!


  1. I still remember the little cafe's that put on jazz jam sessions. This was in The Hague and in the late 50's. I am sure Colin had a great time yesterday, those sessions are soooo stimulating and fun.

  2. Thanks for commenting Hetty....
    I'd love to get there and check things out myself sometime... Not quite sure if that's going to happen though!

  3. After listening last thursday's musical, which by the way was an excellent. The performance of Bolling's suite for violin and piano was full of energy and excitement. This also brought to mind Jacques Louissier's trio. I love their performance of Bach's Goldberg variations, you probably are also familiar with this trio.